SAA Batch '89 Fun Run

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Online Registration Steps

  1. Read the Rules and Regulations
  2. Signup the Registration Form on or before June 7, 2014
  3. Pay Registration Fee on or before June 7, 2014

1. Rules and Regulations

  1. Event prizes are exclusive for Filipino competitors only.
  2. Foreigners are welcome to join the event in the 21K category or as non-competitive guest for the 3K, 5K and 10K categories.
  3. Foreigners are only eligible to win prizes in the 21K category.
  4. Entry is non-refundable. Race numbers are non-transferable.
  5. Event takes place rain or shine.
  6. No multiple registrations.
  7. Participants below 18 years old must have their entries submitted by a parent or guardian.
  8. All runners must wear the official race bib numbers, securely attached to their front while at all times on the run course.
  9. Runners must cover the prescribed course in its entirety.
  10. Runners must accomplish the prescribed requirements of this event which will be announced before the run.
  11. Organizers have the right to disqualify any competitor and have the last say if in case any dispute may arise during competition.
  12. Organizers decision is final.

2. Registration Form

First Name

Last Name

Address (No./Street)


Zip Code


Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)
/ /

 male female



Person to contact in case of emergency

Relationship to emergency contact

Emergency contact #

Race Category
 Men's Women's

Course Distance
 3K 5K 10K 15K

Singlet Size
 Small Medium Large

Parent/Guardian (for participants below 18 years old)

Liability Waiver and Release Form
I attest and hereby declare that I am physically and mentally fit to participate and compete in this funrun without any known illness, defect or any medical conditions that would disqualify me to participate in this funrun. I have entered the competition of my own freewill and at my own risk. I authorize the race organizers and the sponsors to use m photos and other videos without monetary considerations. I here agree to follow the rules, regulations and decisions made by the race organizers relative to my participation in this event as to race provided in this form is valid, legal and correct. I have read and understood this waiver of liability and therefore hereby waive, release forever all rights, claims and damages that I may have against the event organizers, sponsors, volunteers, race officials, all parties involved in this event.

By clicking on the Register button below indicate you have read all rules, regulations and the liability waiver and release form above and has filled up this registration form accurately and truthfully. Clicking the Register button also constitutes you are of legal age or is the parent/guardian of the registrant for a participant below 18 years old.

Please enter the letters below in the input box provided

3. Registration Payment

Select your FunRun course distance to pay for your corresponding registration fee. Please print and save your receipts after payment for future reference and verification. Payments are processed by PayPal which accepts all major international credit cards. Paying online via PayPal will include a P30 transaction fee. This fee goes straight to PayPal. If you have some difficulty paying online, please look at the other payment options below.

Option 1: Online Payments via PayPal

Distance Payment Button (via PayPal c/o Sheba Marie Formento Weber)
3k 3K FunRun (P250 + P30)
5k 5K FunRun (P300 + P30) 
10k 10K FunRun (P400 + P30) 
21k 21K FunRun (P500 + P30) 

Option 2: Bank Deposit

Deposit exact amount of your corresponding chosen FunRun distance to the bank account below.

Distance Registration Fee
3k P250
5k P300
10k P400
21k P500

Bank: BDO Sorsogon
Account Name: Sheba Marie Weber
Account #: 005990142618

Option 3: Registration Centers

For your convenience, you may also register at the following designated registration centers:

  • DZMS
    Balogo, Sorsogon City
  • Noli Mercader
    Room Two, beside Cafe Rosita, Manook St. Gubat Sorsogon
  • RHU Center c/o Beth Sheryle Encinares Cua
    Pob. Sur, Barcelona Sorsogon
  • Mario Running Outlet c/o Ms. Gina Marana
    Brgy. 24, Rizal, Legazpi City

For any other inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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