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Running Using the Stretching Muscles Technique

Isn’t running supposed to be something done naturally? Isn’t it something that you learn as a kid and should already know as a grown up just like walking? Apparently not. There are some people that may be running more on the balls of the foot, and there may some that use more of the heel. Check this out.

Are you running this way? Does it come natural to you?

How much calories are burned in a 42K marathon?

Calories burned would depend on the amount of energy spent running which also depends on how much effort you put into your running. But to put things into perspective, just by strolling, on average people burn 100 calories per mile. So for a 42.1 kilometers or 26.2 miles, that would be 2620 calories. Still can’t imagine how the calories equate into your efforts? Here is an infographic of the amount of food equivalent to the different distances.

The Marathon Meal

The Marathon Meal

Infographic by Gary Newman

59% of Half-Marathon (21K) Runners are Female

This statistic may be country specific and this study was done in the US. But it’s still interesting to find out if this is also true in the Philippines. If you are planning on joining a 21K run, the average time for finishing it is 2 hours. So when doing a practice run, gauge yourself if you have what it takes to be within the average. More interesting facts below:

Half-Marathon (5K) Run Facts

Half-Marathon (21K) Run Facts

Research by Marissa Spanial Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Erratum: Thanks to Marjee Encinares Guysayko who brought it to our attention that the half marathon is 21 kilometers in distance.

How To Choose Running Shoes


Unarguably, your shoes is the most important apparel you have to consider when joining a marathon. Not only is it a critical factor to improve performance and possibly help you win, but it is also a safety precaution to make sure you are comfortable and taking good care of your feet and ankles.

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Check out REI’s wide selection of running shoes

7 Most Common Injuries in Running Marathons – Know How to Avoid Them

7 Most Common Injuries in Running

7 Most Common Injuries in Running


Read more details below on each and every injury and find out ways to prevent running injuries. Read More

FunRun Trail Maps now directly in Facebook

Just for your convenience, the trail maps are now included within our FaceBook page.

SAA Batch '89 FunRun Trail Map within the Facebook page.SAA Batch '89 FunRun Trail Map within the Facebook page.

SAA Batch ’89 FunRun Trail Map within the Facebook page.SAA Batch ’89 FunRun Trail Map within the Facebook page.

If you haven’t visited our FaceBook page yet, check it out now, make sure to us and share with your friends!

Welcome to the SAA Batch ’89 FUNRUN 2013 Website!

Welcome to the FunRun website! Please help spread the word, we also need your support. Please check our support page where will accept donations of any amount. You may now also register online on our registration page. For the FunRun course, we have uploaded the trail map where you can clearly see the routes for each course distance. If you have any other questions, just visit the contact page.